I love when parents order Halloween themed birthday cakes for their kids. It’s such a fun way to celebrate your special day. This was a cake that my Katy decorator had made last Halloween so I added my own personal touch to the design this year.

First step is to crumb coat your cakes.

Halloween birthday cake

Then, start covering your crumb-coated tiers with fondant – purple for the bottom tier and white for the top-tier.

Halloween Birthday CakeHalloween Birthday CakeHalloween Birthday Cake

Next dowel your bottom tier and stack the top-tier. Always use a level to check if your dowels are perfectly leveled before placing the next tier on it.

Halloween Birthday Cake

I chose to decorate the mummy tier first. I added a thin layer of black fondant for the eyes to sit on top of. Brush on a little bit of water to the back of your fondant to get it to stick.

Halloween Birthday Cake

Roll out thin white fondant and randomly cut 1-inch wide strips. The good part is that they don’t have to be perfectly even. I started laying the strips on the top of the cake first and worked my way to the front where the eyes are. I would stop after laying a few strips and step back to see how it looked from afar.

Halloween Birthday Cake

I liked changing the direction of the mummy’s bandages to break it up a bit or else it would look like a pleated cake. Leave some of the ends loose to add more dimensions to the tier. Remember to step back and look at how much more or less you need to add.

Once the top-tier is completed, roll out fondant for the eyes on the bottom tier. I used two different sizes for the eyes. Roll out a thin layer of black fondant for the inside of the eyes.

Make the black beaded border using a number 12 beadmaker. You can totally hand pipe this as well using black icing and a number 12 Wilton tip.

Halloween Birthday Cake

The customer asked that the birthday boy’s name and age be somewhere on the cake. I purposely set my mummy’s eyes up higher so that his name could be free-standing on the bottom tier. I punched out his name and age earlier in the week to make sure that it had enough drying time to harden.

The last things to add were the plastic spiders. I put a bit of black candy melt onto the spiders’ legs to adhere them to the cake.

Halloween Birthday Cake

I hope everyone has a sweet, safe and SPOOKtacular Halloween celebration!

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  1. Ashley Verzwyvelt says:

    I LOVE this cake!!! Sad I don’t have kids with October birthdays, but still would be good for a party!

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