Surrendering control is exactly what my friend had to learn on her wedding day.  Some one once told me that approximately 7 things can go wrong on your big day and that is exactly what happened on May 19th, 2012.  It started off with the zipper malfunction that caused her to go running to find a replacement dress at 9 a.m.   While at Nordstrom, the musician called and said that she wasn’t able to make it because she was in the hospital.  Keeping her calm was a difficult task to do since we already had to deal with a replacement photographer and bartender earlier in the week already.  We got on the phone immediately searching for a last minute deejay, band, anything!

The wedding took place poolside at a chic high-rise condominium and the replacement deejay showed up in a tank top, shorts and flip-flops.  My jaw dropped as I buzzed him through the gates and texted the bride not to flip when she sees his attire.  He was just as mortified as I was when he saw how beautifully dressed the guests were.  He answered my question as if he could read my mind.  He misunderstood that this gig was for a pool party.  I texted a mantra for the bride to repeat for when she sees him, “I’ve got a deejay, I’ve got a deejay.”

Despite a few more mishaps and diffusing the bride’s meltdowns the party was BEAUTIFUL!  Everyone had a wonderful time and the couple was more than happy.  You’re probably thinking that we didn’t hire reputable vendors because everything seem to unravel but we did.  Everyone was booked in advance and deposits were paid.   You can plan, plan, and plan down to the last detail but life happens and you just have to surrender yourself to it and think how you can fix it.  Let it go and enjoy the true reason why you are throwing the party….to celebrate your union with the people that care about you.


Cheers to M & K and their sweet beginnings! Love is truly sweet.

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  1. BW says:

    I came across TSB by accident yet when I ventured in, I was pleasantly surprised that you bake macarons so I tried them; my first taste of macarons were at Angelina’s in Paris and instantly, I was hooked. I enjoyed your offerings and decided to order some for a bridal tea I was hosting for out of town guests on 11/9/12. I placed the order, received a call from one of your staff stating that only certain flavors are prepared on certain days so I’d have to choose from the flavors made on Friday so, I changed my order. When I came to pick up the order on Friday at 10:30 am, to my surprise I was told that the order was not fulfilled and that I’d have to choose from the macrons in the display case. When I inquired why, I was told that I hadn’t paid for the order beforehand but your “custom order” page nor the staff member who called me informed me of this so I was thoroughly disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to share my love of macarons with my out of town guests. If this is the policy for any online orders, it should be noted on the order page and stated when a staff member calls the customer.

  2. SH says:

    I have to agree that the “Order Page” is misleading. It is not clear that the order will not be done until paid for. If I had known that I had to receive a phone call to give my payment info, I would have just called in the order in the first place. Doesn’t seem logical to have to wait for a call-back to complete the order. System is a bit antiquated in this regard.

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