With the weather getting cooler, one of my favorite things to make is no-sew blankets. They are simple and fast to make, and when you add a touch of love, they become the perfect fleece blanket for your own children and/or as a gift. There are a few different ways to tie off these fleece blankets but my favorite is the inverted-tail method. (It reminds me of the pony-tail hairstyle that was in, back in the days)

My little guy loves the fleece blanket that I made for him when he was a toddler. For that one, I used the knot method. I ended up undoing the knots, because they were bulky and uncomfortable to sleep on. He also outgrew the size of the baby blanket but he refuses to let it go (he’s hugging it in the picture). I’m hoping to win him over with a new dinosaur themed fleece blanket using the inverted tail method.

No-Sew Blankets

JoAnn’s Fabric just had a 50% off fleece sale, and I couldn’t pass that up knowing that I wanted to make blankets eventually. I purchased 2 yards of decorative fleece for $5.49/yard and 2 yards of a solid-colored fleece for $4.99/yard. In total, I spent about $20.96 for each blanket. This is enough fabric to make an adult-sized blanket (4 yards of total fabric). For smaller sizes, you would only need 2 yards for a baby blanket and 3 yards for a small, child blanket. You will also need the items listed below to make it go smoothly.

No-Sew Blankets

Cutting mat, Shape Cut Slotted Ruler (often used for quilting), Rotary cutter, Fabric scissors

You can choose to trim off all of your edges to make them perfectly even or just trim off the side that has the labeling on it, like I did. I like the look of the uneven edges and I think it adds more layers to the fringes.

No-Sew Blankets

You want the good side facing out. Many times it’s often difficult to tell which side is the good one or the bad one on a solid colored fleece. Here’s a trick, hold your fabric on the cut edge with two hands. Give it a slight stretch and see which way your fabric curls. The side that it folds in towards is the bad side.

No-Sew Blankets

Match up the edges the best you can. Give it a little trim if you think it’s needed. I created a 4”x4” paper square to use as a guide to cut each of the four corners.

No-Sew BlanketNo-Sew BlanketNo-Sew BlanketNo-Sew Blanket

Put the cutting mat underneath the fabric and place the slotted ruler on top. I cut the width of each strip about 1 ½ “.

No-Sew BlanketsNo-Sew Blankets

Then I went back in and flipped each strip upwards and made a small cut using my fabric scissors. This will create a small hole through both the top layer and bottom layer right in the middle. You don’t want to make the slit too large or your inverted knot would be too loose. Make your slits smaller because fleece has a bit of a stretch.

No-Sew BlanketsNo-Sew Blanket

Pull the fringe through the top and downward. Give it a pull to secure it tightly. My daughter helped me with this process to make it go quicker. It took us about 30 minutes from start to finish. Remember it’s okay if you make a mistake with measuring or cutting. Since there are so many fringes it will be hard to notice any mistakes.

No-Sew BlanketsNo-Sew BlanketNo-Sew BlanketsNo-Sew Blankets

I just so happened to finish all of the blankets on our first cool night here in Texas, and my kids were so happy to curl up in their new blankies.

Not only is this a fun project to do at home, but it’s also a wonderful way to get friends together. Consider hosting a fleece-blanket party and have everyone purchase some fleece and bring fabric scissors and/or all of the materials needed. I’m planning to host a small mommy-and-me get-together to make fleece blankets for those who need them this winter. It would be a wonderful opportunity to spend time together and to give back to the community in a small way. Simple no-sew blankets can really sweeten up anybody’s day.


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