Do you offer delivery?
We have a very limited delivery service. Please inquire about delivery well in advance to make sure we are available.
How far in advance do I need to make my order?
For French Macarons, Cake pops, Cupcakes and Cookies, we ask for a minimum of 24 – 36 hours notice. For custom orders or large orders (2 dozen or more), we ask for at least 48 hours notice. 
For custom cakes, we typically need a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice so that we will have time to design your cake. We try our best to accommodate all cake requests but please note that our cake schedule usually fills up 3-4 weeks in advance.
I really need a custom cake now! Why can’t I order a custom cake with short notice?
TSB is a custom cake bakery. All of the custom cakes that we make are designed and created uniquely for each customer. We take great pride in the amount of time and effort that we put into each custom cake. We have chosen not to sacrifice quality for quantity to make sure that every cake is made with the highest standard of detail and precision. In the rare occasion, we are able to squeeze in a custom cake with just 1 weeks notice but almost all of our cake orders are made 2 – 8 weeks in advance.
We now offer Dessert Cakes and Retail Cakes that are sometimes ready for pick-up or can be ordered with short notice. 
What forms of payment do you accept?
We take Cash and all major credit cards. A 50% advance deposit is required to secure all custom cake orders. All other orders require full prepayment.
What if I have allergies to nuts, milk, eggs, etc?
All of our products at this time contain milk and/or eggs. As for nuts, many of our products contain nuts such as almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc. Even for our products that do not specifically call for nuts in the recipe, there still is a chance that there are trace amounts in them since we chop and ground nuts in our facilities. For other allergens, please speak to a manager for more information.
Can you customize your sweets to match a particular color for my event?
Our designers try their best to match color requests but we cannot guarantee it. We can color fondant and gum paste to make many different colors but these products can and do fade. Please speak to a manager if you have a question about custom colors.
Can I order custom color frosting on your cupcakes?
We no longer take requests for custom colors for our cupcake frostings. Customers who request custom colors usually are looking for a particular shade of color and it is extremely difficult to match a shade of color using food gel in our frostings. What we can do instead is to make custom cupcake toppers.
How do I care for my cake?
When you pick up your cake, make sure you have a flat surface in your vehicle to transport it. Do not leave the cake in a hot vehicle. Heat causes fondant to fade and melt. Fondant cakes should be left at room temperature, not refrigerated. Cakes taste best when they are consumed within 2-3 days. They also should be refrigerated after cutting.
How do I cut my cake?
Tiered cakes can be sliced while still stacked or each tier can be separated before cutting. Be aware that tiered cakes will have dowels for support. Remove these before serving.
How do I care for my French macarons?
French macarons taste best when consumed immediately but you can put them in the refrigerator in an airtight container to keep them fresh overnight.
How do I care for my cake pops?
Cake pops should be kept in a cool, dry area. They taste best when consumed within 2-3 days of purchase. After 3 days, they can be refrigerated up to a week.