My kids love to help me in the kitchen. Mason is the breakfast maker, Madi is the baker, Cohen is the dinner guy and Caden just likes to eat. Caden is my toughest critic! He will always tell me if something is good or if I should never make it again.

Mason making pancakes

I have a handwritten recipe book of all the recipes that my family enjoys. When we find a recipe that we like, I record a few modifications, and add it to my notebook. I hope to fill it up and make copies for my children when they are all-grown up with families of their own.

I believe that kids are never too young to help out in the kitchen. My own children started helping me with very simple tasks like stirring the cake batter or scrambling eggs at the age of 2. As they got older, they learned other kitchen skills.

Madi chopping potatoes

At first, it was easy with just Madi being in the kitchen to help me, but now I have more little hands wanting to be in the kitchen. This takes a little more management but it’s so worth all the memories that we will have being in the kitchen together.

Cohen making spaghetti

Lately, my kids have taken a strong interest in cooking a meal from start to finish. Cohen made hamburgers from scratch the other night, and it was the BEST homemade burger we have ever had! I try to plan at least 2-3 kid friendly meals throughout the week for them to cook. For my kids, there is such a sense of accomplishment in creating their own meal. It also makes the food taste better for them.  And because they made it, they are more willing to try stuff that they thought they didn’t like.

You’re welcome, future spouses of my children! I hope that they will fill your mind with sweet nothings, your tummy with sweet treats, and your heart with everything SWEET!


6 responses to “Kids in the Kitchen”

  1. Elise G says:

    I love that your kids want to help in the kitchen! Do they help do the dishes too?

    • Christine says:

      Hi Ms. Green, they help out a little with the dishes but they aren’t so excited to do that part of cooking yet. I’ll have to work on convincing them how fun it is. 🙂

  2. Sonia says:

    Great tips! I’ve started to allow my kids to stir and help me bake, but I am a little hesitant to have them near the stove due to the possible splatter of oil.

    • Christine says:

      Thank you, Sonia. I’m nervous too when Mason makes pancakes, but he’s pretty good about keeping his body and hands away from hot surfaces. We still keep a close eye on him though.

  3. Misha wiggins says:

    Now get them on all the housework and you can sit back with a margarita!

  4. Cheryl Ashman says:

    Great idea. My grandma hand wrote family recipe books and ha given to each grandchild when they get married. It’s a great way to keep the recipes going as well as having a very thoughtful handmade gift!

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