The first week at school is always hectic in the cafeteria, and I was afraid that my kids wouldn’t have enough time to eat their lunch if they went through the line. My kids also love to bring lunch from home, which I love too because it saves us a lot of money. Packing lunch […]

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Getting back into the groove for parent’s and kids is definitely tough at the start of a new school year! It’s even more tough when you have multiple kids to get ready. So what helps me is being well organized. I love anything functional and when it’s cute, its even better. In the past I […]

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You will start to think that I work for Michael’s craft store from all the plugs that I’m giving them.  I found these clipboards in their dollar section.  It’s not a dollar but for $3, it’s still a bargain to me.  It’s super chic with the chevron print and color scheme and what teacher doesn’t […]

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Teacher Appreciation week is a big deal for my family.  Both my husband and I were educators before we left to open our bakeries so we LOVE our teachers! Last year my eldest daughter was the first to attend school so her teacher was spoiled by us.  We had a gift for her teacher every […]

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Weeks leading up to the boys’ birthday party, we worked on class treat bags for Caden to bring to school (thank goodness Cohen is not in school this year).  I purchased one large bag of candy that happens to have 2 of their favorite types of candy to eat, 2 themed party favors and a […]

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